Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey everyone! Comic Con sure was fun, but now it's over.

Sorry for not posting stuff like I said I would, I was encountering issues with my laptop. See, I was reinstalling XP on it the day before I left, and after I installed it, I didn't check anything really. Days later, at the hotel, I get a little message when I tried to connect to the internet. The message said something along the lines of "Could not connect, one of your drivers is not properly installed". Yeah, I forgot to put in all the drivers for the laptop that usually come with it when it's installed.

I'm still kinda relaxing a bit from Comic Con. Trust me, you all do not want to see (or even worse, smell) my sandals after pretty much 5 days straight of walking around in them.

I'll do a quick post on some Do's and Don'ts of Comic Con later (either tonight or tomorrow) and right now, I'm thinking about giving away some swag in a contest. More about that tomorrow.

I see I'm all over the internets now, so if anyone sees me, let me know (my email is



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