Monday, July 27, 2009

Reviews-a-palooza! aka an Apology

So yeah, I pretty much fail. First off, sorry about not posting for a couple of weeks (even if I said I would), so a big apology to Phill. On the other hand, congratulations on being in the Maximum PC website!
Next off, I'd like to say the reason I haven't been posting: A flood of games (and maybe laziness, but whatever). Anyways, I just finished about three reviews,and I'm currently writing a few more in the near future.
The schedule as follows:
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (Complete)
Let's Tap (Complete, but some more revisions)
Rhythm Heaven (Near Completion)
Mirror's Edge (I just finished the game, writing the review now)
Space Channel 5 (I really need to finish half of it)
I'm hoping this will make up for the absence of posts.
P.S. I did opt to get the Punch Out download. More on that when Nintendo releases it.