Thursday, October 22, 2009

L4D2 Trailer

Wow, I have to admit that this trailer is pretty epic. It looks less like a trailer for a game and more of one for a movie.

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted*

*Or as I like to refer to them as, "Pansies"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Youmacon!

Remember that Youmacon I was talking about a bit back? Still not convinced you should go to it? Then think again!!!!!

Back to what I was saying - there's a little over a week left until it happens. If you're not convinced yet, maybe this ad'll change your mind:

Yeah, I realized it's a tad bit on the creepy side. Remember though, it's happening on Halloween weekend so that's why...

If not, that would explain some of the weird stuff I saw last year.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Youmacon 2009 News + Contest

It is officially one week (well, not date exactly) until Youmacon will be happening. Pretty much all of us here at Gentlemen and Hand Grenades will be there at least one of the days there. So if you see us, feel free to say "hi". I'll be Dan Hibiki on Friday, Keroro from Sgt. Frog on Saturday and The Hunter from Left 4 Dead on Sunday.

In fact, stopping us will tie into a contest we're having. If you talk to us and want to be part in the contest, stop us and say "Marmalade" and mention the contest and you'll receive a random prize from us. Could be anything ranging from a copy of Norton Gaming Edition to a little vial with a Boxelder Bug in it to an old hard disk I have lying around to last year's program guide. And if you want (though I doubt we're to this point yet) we can sign it for you.*

Along with the contest, there will be a plethora of videos and pictures taken by us at the con and maybe an interview or two with one of the guests.

If you're interested in going, the entry fee is $20 for Friday and Sunday and $25 for Saturday. Thursday night is free though. See you there!

*People I know are exempt, offer not valid in Hawaii, see back for details.

Modern Warfare 2 Poll

Many (such as my self) consider the Left 4 Dead 2 controversy pretty much over now. However, there is a new one coming to shake up the games industry a bit.

As some of you may have read, Infinity Ward is doing away with dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 2. Instead, they are implementing a matchmaking system similar to that on console versions.

Some are praising this as a way to make Modern Warfare 2 simpler to non-hardcore gamers out there. On the other side of the debate, a petition among gamers has started that has managed to gather more than 20,000 signatures in slightly over a day.

Feel free to voice your opinion on the subject in either the poll to the left (beneath the chatbat) and in the comments section below.