Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hey everyone, I'm back!

Contrary to what James said, I did not go to Comic Con, which is next week. I was at a Scout (not the kind that says "Boink!") camp. I had fun (and found out I was a pretty decent shot with a rifle too) while I was there.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pick your poison: Club Nintendo prizes announced!

OMG it's finally here:

Okay, it's really small and all, but what's important is the content of the message. If you were one of the lucky ones that registered enough games to reach gold or platinum status on North America's iteration of Club Nintendo (released last year), you can get a choice of one of three (if you managed platinum) prizes! While gold gets a pretty calendar featuring a new game every month, platinum members get the choice of a plush mario hat or a downloadable Punch-out! match against Little Mac's mentor, Doc Louis. Better pick them soon, as they'll all be delivered on November 1st.
Now what to pick? While the mario hat has some resale value, I don't really know if I should get it. (I'm a sucker for downloadable wiiwares, especially if it's exclusive.) Find out what I pick later!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gaming Gripes: Free 2 Play games

Alright, I'm just gonna start out by saying that this really pisses me off. In case this is your first time on the internet, free to play games are games that are free to play, but require real life money to obtain any good items. Even Worse, most of these items disappear after a set time, so you're forced to buy it again and play nonstop to get your money's worth. Worst of all, these items don't just enrich your experience, they give you an unfair advantage over people (like me) with no money to spend on them. I don't know how many games have been ruined to me for that reason.

Sorry for a short post, I'm much lazier than Phill.
More Tomorrow!


Well, it looks like Phill has left for comic con so now it's up to me to keep the site alive. Gaming Gripe tomorrow.