Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ok Fine, One More For The Road

I know I said that I would be going today (and I still am), but I'm having some problems sleeping right now. See, I fell asleep around midnight. When I awoke, I begin having thoughts of "Well, time to finish packing" and "Time to make myself some breakfast". About that moment, I decide to see what time it was and looked at my clock (which is about 20 min slow because of a power outage) and see something I did not expect: 2:00 am.

"%@#$%!", I exclaim. It appears that I was only asleep for no more than two hours. I tried going back to sleep, but I eventually gave up as the thing that keeps me awake more than anything is sleep itself.

Out of boredom I begin browsing the internet, checking my email, facebook and the such. During my browsing, I come upon and article from Kotaku (and yes, one of my goals is to diversify my gaming news sites) about something I wrote of not too long ago.

It appears that the IRL Gundam built in Japan has also taken a step into the virtual world as well. To celebrate the 30th anneversery of the Gundam franchise, a virtual replica of the Gundam statue will be added to PS3 Home from today until July 23rd.

Hey I'll get to play Left 4 Dead 2 at Comic Con...

(Story originaly from Inside-Games.Jp, Via Kotaku)


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