Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TF2 Classless Update: Day 2

The next part of Valve's trickery announces a new gameplay mode for TF2; King of the Hill (KotH). KotH games consist of one point that begins locked for a minute or two. After a while, the point unlocks. When one of the teams is capping the point, a timer begins starting at 3 minutes. If the other team manages to move all their opponents from the point and begin capping it themselves, another timer starts at 3 minutes and the team that was previously on the point's time freezes at the time they had left.

The update also had one new KotH map, Koth Viaduct, and two previous maps converted into KotH, Nucleus and Sawmill.

While I'm not too happy with no new class update (though that's not guarunteed), KotH looks fun, and with more hats I'll have a better chance of getting one

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