Monday, August 31, 2009

Gold 4 Jetpack

You know those annoying "Cash4Gold" (which according to my Earth Science teacher when I was a Fresheman, are scams) ads with the stiff acting you always see? Apparently Gamestop does, as they've done a parody of it for a perk for pre-ordering from them.

If you pre-order Dark Void from them, you will receive a special in-game gold jetpack that not only looks fancy but will give you unlimited boost.

Is it me, or does one of the guys in the ad look a lot like Vince Offer, of Sham Wow fame?

And sorry for no posts for the past week, we were having an unofficial, school-related hiatus.


  1. I was going to make a joke about the Rocketeer, and Vince Offer's "Made in Germany" line, but then I remembered that the Jetpack in the rocketeer wasn't actually made by Nazis. Anyways, I'd rather get a Jetpack for gold then cash for gold. Though I'd rather it was a real jetpack. That would pwn.

  2. Me too, I'd be able to fly around and there's nothing they could do to stop me