Thursday, June 11, 2009

This stuff is so kool, it's spelled with a k

Yeah I know, slow news week. Finals and all that stuffs going on hampered us a bit. But, while looking through the cool stuff at, I noticed they not only sold flying monkeys and pens that would make The Spy proud, but also game consoles too. Don't expect to find a 360 or PS3 there, but what they've got there would make any hardcore gamer weep nerdy tears.

First up: The Good ol' Sega Dreamcast,

Remember back in the day when Sega made consoles? I myself am a proud owner of one these bad boys. All I really need for it is the video cable. But anyways, it comes with a game demo disk, and buying an extra controller is only $15.

Next: The Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System

Some of the most fond memories I've had growing up were playing my SNES. It was one of those things my folks just couldn't separate me from. In fact, I'm going to be talking about an infamous SNES game pretty soon. However, this is more than a SNES. It can not only play SNES games, but it can also switch to NES games. So, you're getting two consoles in one!

This is another Two-In-One console, much like the one mentioned above. It's a bit odd in my opinion that there's a Sega/Nintendo console out there, considering the two companies' history.

Old School Handheld: The Retro Mini Handheld NES System

Sure, this thing sounds impractical and ultimately useless. Sure, you could for out money and buy a fancy DS version of your favorite NES game, or you could get this and have all that nostalgia of having to blow the cartridge and press the reset button a bunch of times... while traveling!


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