Sunday, June 14, 2009

Site News!

That's right, I've got some exciting news for Gentlemen and Hand Grenades. I have a feeling you all might like it.

First up: Videos. You've read the reviews, now we're making videos out of them. Along with video versions of our reviews, we're also doing a few little humorous videos here and there.

Next: We're also trying to get a comic strip. We've been meaning to work on this for a while now, and it looks like we're going to start on it soon. I just need word on it from the guy drawing it, so I won't say too much.

After that: There will also be a column that reviews Indie Games, done by good ol' Vic. It won't be this week, he's down in Arizona right now. He should be back in like a week.

Prizey-Prizey: I'm thinking about running a little contest in a bit, but haven't decided what exactly to do.

New Theme: I've been debating about changing the Theme/Template/Whatever around to a one that fits better, but I need to talk to Parp and Vic about that.

Lastly: I will be covering the San Diego Comic Con next month complete with pictures and videos. And this won't be one of those things where I summarize the whole thing after I get back, no, this will be a day by day coverage of it. I will be gone for a week before, but don't worry, we'll still be going and Gentlemen and Hand Grenades will be in good hands while I'm away.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of everybody's favorite foul-mouthed Nerd:

Hope this all sounds good,

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