Monday, June 29, 2009

He's Doing the Big Pitch in the Sky

Yeah, yeah, I know James already did a thing on Billy Mays (and no, James, I'm not trying to show you up or something), but I'd just like to say some things about him too.

I remember back when I was a kid and saw him on TV, and not really knowing his name so I referred to him as "That Shouty Guy". I liked his ads, not really because of the latest thing he was hawking, but more because I just really saw him as a crazy man that talked really loud. So I guess all that (for a lack of a better term, because he says that it's not for him) "shouting" and flashy colors sure caught my attention as a wee one. Heck, a TF2 Dub of one of his Kaboom! ads was the first real post on this blog.

The thing about the stuff he did ads for that set him kinda apart from all the other TV Pitchmen was that the stuff actually were fairly practical, and according to Popular Mechanics, worked more than you'd think they would.

One of the things I'd like to know about his death would be the cause. Some say it was a bumpy airplane flight, others blame Vince Offer (aka, the ShamWow Guy). Either way, he will be missed. One of the things I hear some people are doing as a sort of tribute to him is wearing a blue shirt like he had, kinda like how mourners wear black arm bands. In fact, I might do that myself if I can find one.


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